Wednesday, January 2, 2008

A word on Google's Picasa2 program

Recently I've started using Google's Picasa2 for emailing photos to friends and places. It's an amazing tool, especially given it's "steep" price of ZERO dollars. Simple, effective, bulletproof for the uninitiated. In other words - worth every penny.

There is enough adjustments and effects to keep anyone busy for quite some time. And results are professional. No one will know you never had any training.

Have you ever received an emailed photo that was 2 or 3 Mb and you were out of luck due to a slow connection? Picasa2 will downsize photos automatically to preset values (which you can change) as you email them. No need to worry about a large file going out anymore. This feature in itself is worth the download.

Have I mentioned Picasa2 has a nice organizer too. Best thing is, it'll scan your drives on every program start, so you can rest assured all your NEW pics are in it too. And it works fast.

Download and try it

Note: I have stated earlier that organizer will scan computer after each start. It appears it won't scan new (or added) folders until they're "activated" in Picasa. Not a major task, but something to keep in mind.

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