Thursday, February 28, 2008

New blog and a mention of Plogger

Just started a blog Mad Pontoon dedicated to web site design with focus on photography presentation, but also delving into general issues of site design. I'm a definite novice in the field of "pure" web design (pure as in - hand coded in it's entirety). The pure approach, while quite a chore for a newcomer, produces more manageable results, cleaner code, and helps in site updates down the line. Those who can afford a professional services can sure do that, others like myself, who would rather do the whole thing on their own, need to stick to the learning process.

Mad Pontoon will become my link between actual design work and resources I find necessary to get the results.

While on the subject of web photo presentation, I'm all into open source model. There is several choices that make gallery creation easy and nearly painless. Some are too elaborate for my taste, but there is a few, that get it "right". In some cases customization may get a bit overwhelming at first, but if a gallery is to be integrated into the rest of a site, it better match its overall look.

So here, let me mention Plogger, a free server side script that produces a simple gallery, that has a lot of customization almost built in. I will be creating a test gallery soon, and will report here when it's completed.

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